Heroes: Steven Holl

I’ve loved the work of Steven Holl ever since I walked into the St.Ignatius Chapel in Seattle and saw the light. Literally. This is the building my wife and I wanted to get married in, but it was not to be.

St. Ignatius #3 - Orange

Architect Steven Holl Combines Geeky Aesthetic, Environmental Elements
“Steven Holl’s buildings are more than beautiful — they’ve got brains, too. For 31 years, the New York architect has taken advantage of his obsessive interest in science to build inventive structures with a geeky alter ego. A scientific principle anchors the majority of his projects, whether it’s structural geology, as is the case with a Hawaiian residence designed to mimic the island’s tectonic movement, or structural engineering, found in the color-coded paint job done on MIT’s Simmons Hall.”