Little bit of self promotion

Last November Tim Regan and I traveled to Brussels for Innovation Day 2006. This event was originally started by Microsoft Research Cambridge as a forum to show the work that we do to a broad, primarily academic audience across Europe. A way of avoiding them all having to travel to the UK. It’s grown quite a bit, and now is as much an opportunity for Microsoft more generally to demonstrate its innovation credentials to European politicians and media. In addition to academics, the event now also hosts a few hundred MEPs and many members of the press.

Anyway, it was a great couple of days of showing 5 of our prototypes to a lot of people. Highlights for me were showing TimeMill and BubbleBoard to Bill Gates and Matti Vanhanen (the Prime Minister of Holland Finland), and then also to Janez Potocnik, the European Union Commisioner of Science and Technology.