Privacy is a matter for individual choice

image In this article on Spiked, Alex Taylor (who’s also in Socio-Digital Sytems) talks about privacy. He draws attention to how the current debate around this issue is so alarmist, focused primarily on the extremes of the invasion of personal liberties, and the dystopian future that envisages. The reality of privacy, though, is much more subtle then that:

“What I want to draw attention to is how the privacy versus openness debate around technology sets up extremes that feel removed from real-world experience. In reality, don’t we routinely move between these two apparent opposites, deciding in often unremarkable ways what we keep to ourselves and what we share? With this in mind, I think we would do well to reconsider our obsession with eliminating all the possible threats to our digital identities, thinking, instead, about how it is we manage ourselves and how, in our mobile futures, we might be enabled to go on doing so.”