Penguin Books presentation

I attended the recent PSFK conference in London which had an interesting mix of speakers from the worlds of marketing and (usually digital) design. Some of the talks went a little over my head since they came from a world in which I don’t exist. Those, for example, about the tension between marketing departments and the design discipline, or between consultancies and their clients. But there was still enough there for me to be kept engaged, and from which I could learn.

One of the talks I enjoyed very much was by Jeremy Ettinghausen, Head of Digital Publishing at Penguin. In it he describes many of the strategies and approaches that the company, which has a strong brand and heritage, have taken plying their trade in a digital world in which reading from small paper books seems increasingly quaint. The company clearly has guts, has taken some really innovative approaches to ‘selling’ reading, and isn’t afraid to talk about the failures of what it has tried as well as the successes.