London Bikeathon 2007

As Shannon mentioned, we did the 26 mile London Bikeathon at the weekend. I went a bit stupid with mapping our route. Not sure that it tells you much because the outbound and return routes overlap so closely, but the ride is a really great way of seeing the city, particularly on a Sunday morning when the traffic is a little more relaxed. You follow the Thames, basically, across the middle of London, from Chelsea, to the West, through the City, around the Docklands development at Canary Warf, past some great views of the Dome and ending at a cool little park by the Thames Barrier. Then back again.


It took us four hours at a reasonable pace. It’s a family ride, so there’s no pressure, although guys in yellow jerseys do shoot past regularly, doing the more high-pressured route that combined out loop with one that headed further west to Richmond.

Four hours for an 18 month old to sit patiently. It’s quite a while. Maddie likes cycling, though, and was no problem at all, even nodding off for a while with her pink-helmeted head bobbing around in the seat behind me.

Anyway, it’s a well organized, unusual way to see London. The route’s recommended, even if you don’t manage to make the actual event next year.



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  1. WOW………just come across your super route that you produced, exactly what I was after.

    I am so hoping to be able to do the race this 13 July.

    Biggest problem at the moment is travelling up from Dorset and finding somewhere to park, or even stay.

    Most cheaper hotels have awful reviews, also I will want my bike in my room, which I do not think many guest houses or hotels will allow………lol

    Any tips on parking, or even staying somewhere?

    I can’t wait to do this ride.

    Excellent write up, cheers.

  2. Arghh I won’t be in Europe not to mention London until after August this year, so I’m gonna miss this event. Do you know if there’s any biking event in Northern Europe?

  3. Hey, I lost your website until now.

    Thankfully some friends in Essex let us stay with them, plus they transported us to the event and brought us back and what a brilliant time we had.

    The London Bikeathon 2008 was fantastic.

    I managed to raise £4,360 plus Gift Aid of £806 so, a grand total of £5166.

    This really was a one off for me, I could never pester so many people again! Friends called me a Professional Pesterer!

    Check out

    Hope your ride went well.

    (Sunny Dorset)

  4. Well done Sally! Really impresed by your massive total! I’m afraid that we weren’t able to do the bikeathon again this year. Hopefully next!

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