Starbucks closes coffeehouse in Beijing’s Forbidden City

Shannon and I spent our honeymoon in China, stopping off first in Beijing. One of the first tourist sites we visited was the Forbidden City, and amazing, ancient complex of buildings that used to be the home of the Chinese Emperor.

It WAS a bit of a surprise to walk around the corner of one of the beautiful red buildings to find a Starbucks. It just didn’t seem to fit. Of course we eagerly bought our drinks, but somehow it was an uncomfortable fit to find this purveyor of expensive caffeinated beverages, a symbol of Western cookie-cutter consumerism, wedged into such a culturally significant site.

Anyway, it looks like it finally became a bit too much of a negative symbol for the Chinese, too, and the doors of Starbucks’ oddest little barrista-hole have finally shut.


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