Walking to the shops ‘damages planet more than going by car’ – Times Online

Wow. Doing the “right thing” really lS impossible !

Walking to the shops ?damages planet more than going by car? – Times Online
“The sums were done by Chris Goodall, campaigning author of How to Live a Low-Carbon Life, based on the greenhouse gases created by intensive beef production. ?Driving a typical UK car for 3 miles [4.8km] adds about 0.9 kg [2lb] of CO2 to the atmosphere,? he said, a calculation based on the Government?s official fuel emission figures. ?If you walked instead, it would use about 180 calories. You?d need about 100g of beef to replace those calories, resulting in 3.6kg of emissions, or four times as much as driving.

?The troubling fact is that taking a lot of exercise and then eating a bit more food is not good for the global atmosphere. Eating less and driving to save energy would be? better.”