Targeting teens

Great quote from an interview of John Humphrys, host of BBC Radio 4’s “Today” program:

“He cannot understand why BBC executives obsess over attracting young audiences, as if they were chasing advertising revenues. “They see that the Today programme audience is old. Oh my gosh, how dare they be old! Many of them are over the age of 50, they will all die and we won’t have audience. Well actually, 20-year-olds get to be 21 and eventually 50. What happens when they get older is that they start to listen to the Today programme ? that’s the way it has always been. We are not a commercial station trying to sell iPods to people.”

The Today program covers news and current events in the morning slot. Humphrys is famous for giving the most grilling of interviews. Squirm-inducing questioning.

I totally agree with his point. You see teen-targeting everywhere, from music to movies to TV to games. See my previous rant on the programming of our local cinema. Targetting teens seems to mean dumbing things down, which insults teens and insults me. I’m an adult, approaching my forties, with a decent sized disposable income. I have 30 years of my working career left and then (hopefully) a life of leisure after that. I’m ready to spend. Target me, please.

John Humphrys: On the threat to ‘Today’