Expression around the Clock

For those that are interested, Microsoft is hosting a one day, worldwide event focused on user experience design, called Expression around the Clock. It’s less of a technology pitch then some of the Expression events have deliberately been in the past, and more of a chance for some open discussion of different design issues (sprinkled with a small amount of Expression stuff).

The events are happening in Mexico City, San Paulo, Toronto, Zurich, Milan, Cairo, Moscow, Bangalore, Seoul and Aukland. So all over the place. It’s good to see something like this going on that is less US-centric. Steve Balmer will be keynoting the Zurich event, but the rest of the locations will have talks from real Microsoft designers, like Bill Buxton, Manuel Clement and, oddly, me. I’m lucky enough to be doing the one in Milan.

My talk will focus on the changing nature of devices in the home, with examples from the work we’re doing in Cambridge and interesting things I see on my Trends blog. Hope to see you there.