We Are Tigers ’80

It turns out that Craig Robinson, he of the most excellent “minipopsimage fame lived in Lincoln, in the UK, at about the same time as I did (70s to early 80s). He seems to resent the fact that he was never in a gang when he was there, and so he’s put together a really great, fictional “gang poster“, imagining that it was written by a 10 year old around that time. The boy is a member of the Tigers. This is an old style gang, with the odd scrap against the other local kids. Not a modern, gun-toting, drug dealing one. At least I assume.


Lots of things resonate with me in this image, things that remind me of my time as a kid in Welton, just North of Lincoln. The phrase “Tigers are skill” particularly stands out. I’d forgotten that awesome things used to be “skill”.

Flip Flop Flying

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