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I’ve been looking for a replacement for the coffee beans I used to buy from Vivace’s in Seattle. Their ‘stuff’ is just great, but our main ‘courier’ recently moved away from the area, and I’ve been left without a good ‘source’. (Subtle use of drug language to emphasize my level of addiction, no?)

Vivace sells beans online, but it will only ship un-roasted beans overseas since it argues that the roasted ones lose their taste after just a few days in the postal system. You’ve got to admire them standing by the quality of their product. I don’t have such high expectations of beans. I’ll happily keep consuming them like a moron well after their sell-by date, and despite advice to the contrary, I keep my un-ground beans in the freezer because, well, we’ve run out of storage in all the other cool and shady places.

Anyway, we were in London recently with some friends near Covent Garden and they mentioned that they wanted to stop by the Monmouth Coffee Company on Monmouth Street, just near Seven Dials. On a whim I asked John to buy me a bag of whatever he was getting (which turned out to be their Guatemala blend) and it is really great. Compares very favorably with my old favorite. Place (and beans) are highly recommended.


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  1. I have a new…um…supplier…I want to introduce you to the next time I come over/you come here:

    Quasi-Soviet themed coffee and a cafe inside an awesome garden store. What’s not to love?

    (It’s pretty good. Blue Bottle is closer to Vivace, but as I trend towards stronger coffee I’m starting to like Ritual more.)

  2. If you need someone to ship you Vivace’s beans just let me know. I’m happy to hook you up with the good stuff if you pay for the beans and the freight. Or, my plane ticket. 😀

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