M&S do green

I’m quite impressed by Marks & Spencer’s move to go eco-friendly. Partially because I think they’re well run, and have a decent company ethic. But also, in the specific example of their new “green” Bournemouth store, that they chose to refit and test out ideas on an existing, typical High Street location, rather then starting from scratch with some cool glass box. I think that’s gutsy, and shows more commitment to changing the culture of the whole company and its outlets then just pandering to the media.

They’re also thinking quite deeply about the problem. Here are just some of the changes:

  • Infra-red sensors have been fitted in the fitting rooms so the lights switch on only when someone is present. The lights dim automatically once the customers have left, and when the burglar alarm is set for the night, the lights turn off.
  • The air-conditioning has been revolutionised; posts have been installed that chill the air only to head height � radically reducing energy usage. The electricity supply is sourced from a green provider, which makes power from landfill waste, sewage and wind.
  • The freezer cabinets have small LED lighting strips rather than fluorescent bulbs and they have fully shut doors to save power.
  • The escalators run at reduced voltage when they are empty.


See: This is not just any M&S store … – Times Online