Expression around the Clock

On the 4th of October Microsoft held a worldwide, design-focused event  called Expression Around the Clock. Partially it was an opportunity to expose people from the design community to the Expression suite of tools. More importantly it was the beginning of an effort by the company to engage with the creative community much more closely by exposing them to designers at Microsoft, and talking to them about changes in the digital design business that they care about.


The event took place at 10 locations around the world, beginning with Aukland, New Zealand and rolling throughout the day to end at Mexico City. At each event a member of the Microsoft user experience community was asked to give a keynote address on a subject of their choosing. The rest of the day was a mix of presentations by partners, panels and so on. You can see many of the presentations by going to the event web site and clicking on the WebCasts link.

I was lucky enough to be asked to speak at the event in Milan which took place at the Enterprise Hotel. My talk dealt partially with what we do on the Socio-Digital Systems team in Cambridge, and pulled some key technology trends from my Trends blog that I feel will change the way in which digital designers think about their work. My bit starts (in English) about 8 minutes in after an introduction (in Italian) by Riccardo Sponza, Evangelism Manager for Microsoft Italy. There’s also a quick, two question interview with me which was a little odd to do since the questions were asked in Italian and I gave my answers in English. Finally, there’s a 3 minute video that gives you a sense of the atmosphere at the event.


Some other keynotes that I’ve had time to watch include Bill Buxton‘s talk entitled Above And Below the Surface, giving his perspective on the history and future of interaction models with technology, August de los Reyes‘ talk on his PhD topic, entitled SuperEmotion: making Emotions Work For You and Manuel Clement’s talk on using wireframes for rapid prototyping. Also, Steve Ballmer gave the keynote in Zurich on Designing the Next Era of Software.

Thanks to the Italian team for a very well organized event.

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