Light technology

Really enjoyed this series of 3 videos on designers that work with light. In some ways what they are each doing is creating new forms of displays, each with a pixel that in some cases may be formed by an equivalent piece of technology (e.g. and L.E.D.) and in some cases by an object (such as the plastic “found” objects of David Bachelor.

Jason Bruges specializes in architectural installations (I particularly like his piece of work that visualizes the motions of lifts in a building using light).


UVA (United Visual Artists) specialize in working with music and bands (such as Massive Attack) and in once example, with dancers. They build interactive lighting as well as data-driven computer visualization. They did a recent installation called Volume at the Victoria & Albert museum which I was lucky enough to see.


David Bachelor works at a less interactive but no less attractive level, using light sources coupled with or generated by objects he’s found on the street or in brik-a-brak shops. I particularly like the sculptures he built by pushing old neon signage up close to a wall.


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