Africa’s new "Natural Resource"

This seems to make a lot of sense to me, although like all things ethical and ecological it will probably come with a price. I’m sure, for example, that desert land is worth more then just sand. It has its own bio-diversity, which I’m sure thousands of square miles of solar panels would mess with. Or maybe the sand has its own inherent value. I mean, think of all the silicon wafers you could make out of it.

“Proving that we really are all in this together, Europe is considering plans to spend more than £5 billion on a system of large solar power stations in North Africa. This proposed solar power plan could provide the EU with a sixth of its electricity needs, and, as a bonus, provide fresh water to African nations. Though Europe would be the beneficiary, the panels and power stations would be placed along the Mediterranean desert shores of northern Africa and the Middle East, with the electricity transmitted via underwater cables to EU nations.”