Humans love a good interface

I really like the idea of this machine. It’s just full of buttons, knobs, dials, levers, gauges, wires and things that people love to push, turn and mess with.


“To create an interaction/ device that explores peoples’ natural instinct to push buttons. Regardless of age, gender or cultural background, I have noticed that humans are naturally attracted to pushing and playing with buttons and switches . What is this universal attraction? Why do humans derive pleasure from pushing buttons? The Happy Feedback Machine aims to explore this innate desire among humans.”

H A P P Y – F E E D B A C K – M A C H I N E

2 thoughts on “Humans love a good interface”

  1. I have an idea. Possibly an iPod killer but maybe that’s just hubris on my part. I have no idea where in MS it should go but I like the idea of MS sticking it to apple so I’ll post it here and see what happens.

    Ok – you’re listening to the radio. Cool song comes on – you know you want it. Now you have to wait for the disc jockey to come on and tell you what it was – possibly 1 or 2 songs later. Attent span fades. Song forgotten – til next time anyway. Rinse, repeat, until finally you get it and make the purchase (possibly).

    What if you could hit a button on your Zune which would record the time and frequency being listened to at that moment – get back to your PC, plug the Zune in, it does a lookup against a database of radio stations/frequencies and the songs they played at the various times. Finds a match. Looks the song up on the Live marketplace with a preview to make sure it’s the right one – if not a song either side etc.

    Seconds later you’ve made a purchase.

    Anyway – it’s a new paradigm in music sales and one which I believe could be big. Dunno if you can do anything with it or maybe know someone who can but I’d love to see it in action some day.

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