Wee Targets

Toilet training is on my mind (for a girl, though, so this doesn’t really help…)

Wee Target zeros-in on toilet training
“Inventor Joanna Haymes, a mother of three boys, took the latter idea further and developed the “Wee Target”. Inspired by heat sensitive ink on a packet of batteries and driven to help her boys aim in the right direction, she designed a “target”- a black circle made of heat sensitive ink which is fixed temporarily inside the toilet bowl. When the target is hit by urine, the circle fades and a surprise picture appears.”

2 thoughts on “Wee Targets”

  1. I think this doesn’t use batteries, right? It’s a heat sensitive ink.

    I remember being at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam and seeing that they’d put a small print of a fly in the urinals. Having something to aim at apparently significantly cuts down on the mess, even for the adults. http://www.urinalfly.com/

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