Braun vs. Apple – a little respect

I have no problem with this article drawing some close comparisons between the work of Dieter Rams and the work of Jonathan Ive at Apple. It’s not blatant plagiarism, and the calculator in the iPhone already demonstrated that the respect was there.

“When you look at the Braun products by Dieter Rams—many of them at New York’s MoMA—and compare them to Ive’s work at Apple, you can clearly see the similarities in their philosophies way beyond the sparse use of color, the selection of materials and how the products are shaped around the function with no artificial design, keeping the design “honest.””


Besides which, there’s that thing that Picasso said.

I’ve had my own little theory going that the design of the iPod was inspired by the “boys own” transistor eight pocket radios of the 50s. Maybe I went too far back?



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