2 thoughts on “Countdown to loss”

  1. What? Giant’s Causeway is disappearing? WHY? tell me the reason?? I’ve always wanted to go there and I don’t want to see it disappear. As for the yangtze river, i think the case reminds us that, it’s not just the ecological heritage we’re losing, but the culture of indigenous people. By flooding the river and moving people around, relocating them to other areas to promote tourism seems to make everyone tourist-but forcefully!

  2. I was reading a book about Denmark travels. And it mentioned a place which was designated to look like old village back centuries ago and people are invited to move into those houses to live- tourists can take a peep at what life was like centuries ago. Why, if we like to see how locals live the traditional way, we just displace all the indigenious people everywhere and make places disappear?

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