Green objects

There’s an irony in green product design that we may just never get passed since you need to purchase new stuff, and creatively recycle/throw out the thing you’re replacing, in order to follow your ethics. Sometimes it just feels better to keep going with what you’ve got until it “naturally” comes to the end of its life, before replacing it, like waiting for all your incandescents to die before switching to CFLs.

Regardless, some of these product ideas are really nice. I like the plug socket with a pull chord for setting the length of time you get electricity. Shades of Fukasawa‘s Muji CD player in the design, but the fact that it is tied to time is cool.


Other designs I like are the notebook that flips over to become a post-it note pad after one side has been filled, and the multi-use pads of paper with rulers and speakers along their edges.

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