HCI 2020 report launched

A year ago Abi and Richard helped organize a gathering of 40+ “luminaries” from the field of Human-Computer Interaction to debate how the relationship between people and technology might change in the next decade. That event has resulted in a really great read, a report entitled “Being Human: Human Computer Interaction in the Year 2020“. It focuses on the changing nature of technology and how that enhances or in some cases conflicts with the value systems of individuals and groups. It makes recommendations for how to put people and their values at the centre of the design process in product development.

We had the launch event for the report today, at the Science Museum in London, with a small panel that included Bill Buxton and Bill Gaver, a gathering of the press, and a few demos of work from my team.

It’s cool to gradually watch the results of that make it out into the world. First up is a really great article from the BBC that clearly communicates many of the goals of the report. It’s accompanied by a video of Gary Marsden presenting Big Board, and Richard Harper presenting Epigraph.

`The panel (minus Richard Harper)

Phil Gosset showing off Kitchen Postcards.