Tag Galaxy

I’m a bit of a 3D UI sceptic. I just have some history in the area, and it’s left me thinking that 3D interactions are often cumbersome and rarely have a life beyond what their cool factor gives them. Case in point is this Tag Galaxy search. I really find it compelling. I’m not sure why. And I’m not sure what it has beyond that initial, emotional reaction…


2 thoughts on “Tag Galaxy”

  1. I like the interaction, it is comfortable with a mouse, but in terms of a usable tool, it’s hard to see it as a usable working interface.

    A mundane list has a benefit of being linear, so you can be sure you aren’t missing something. In a 3D drifting space, you have to rely on random visual searching to ensure you consider all options.

    Fun interface though.
    -Researchinator (http://eachmorning.blogspot.com/)

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