Humanscale in architecture

It’s not just me! Finally, someone else who thinks that Zaha Hadid may be a little too focused on the sculptural qualities of her buildings and objects, and not enough on the human scale.

“She may have won the Pritzker, but Hadid is also the ringleader of a disturbing new brand of architect—the computer gamer. In this artificial world the goal is to dream up the most ridiculous, space age, out of this world design. Nevermind reality and its parameters. For this crowd facets such as functionality and livability are cast aside in favor of the all powerful wow factor.”

I used to go to Brunel University in West London, site of what I think is/was the ugliest campus in the world (I know they’ve done some work to improve it since I was there in ’92). I always used to joke that I bet the architectural rendering looked cool, before the reality of the boxy, gray concrete buildings actually came to be. I’m not sure that Hadid is THAT bad, but her own renderings seem to cast people as viewers rather then participators in the public space. Beautiful, organic overhead shots, but interiors empty of places to sit, with walls that are impossible to lean against.




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