Platform 12: Radio Active Presentation

Students on the RCA‘s Design Products course chose a “platform” on which they want to focus from pretty much the beginning of their two years at the college. Each has it’s own philosophy, process, set of tutors and so on. It’s a pretty big decision for them to make, as far as I can tell, since it helps dictate much of the way they work until they graduate.

Platform 12 stands out for me mostly because one of the tutors is Durrell Bishop, a graduate from the same course as me at the college, and a design star. He’s famous for emphasizing the connection between virtual and physical items through his marble answer-phone project, now 16 years old (see the Ideas section of Durrell’s site).

At the RCA’s interim show earlier in the year the students presented a the results of a project called Radio Active. Their brief was basically to disassemble and reassemble a radio, rethinking it’s interactions. I was really struck by the diversity of output by the students and was happy to find this page with shots of each of the resulting projects.

Mikael Silvanto developed his “08 Radio” from this project to something that he ended up showing at the final degree show, and which got quite a bit of attention in the press.




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