drawings by steven holl at MoMA new york

Shannon and I are big Steven Holl fans. At least, we love St. Ignatius Chapel in Seattle. We wanted to get married there originally, but we were neither Catholic nor students of Seattle University, where the building is located, so that was that.

MOMA in New York are planning to exhibit some of Holl’s sketches from February next year. He does these beautiful little images in watercolour, focusing a lot on shape and light. Their essence really comes across in the final product.

“‘pré’ gives a fascinating insight into the central element of holl’s design process: drawing. over the
past 30 years holl has juxtaposed form, color, shape, thought, space, and building in small sketchpads.
from little details to abstract studies his collection of drawings cover his thought processes in their entirety.”

drawings by steven holl at MoMA new york

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