Fictional histories

I love the idea of invented histories. I guess there’s a large tradition in this, certainly in fiction. In the design world the work of the Museum of Lost Interactions at Dundee is one of the better examples of using fiction and history to generate insight and ideas (2006 and 2007 work).

Here’s another one, more focused on the art and narrative than a product experience. This is the work of AlexCF, a good old English eccentric who lives in Brighton. The Henrich Emille Rectangle, which alex has “found”, “documents” the experiences of a pair of explorers who discover a mysterious cube with a hole in it that leads off to nowhere.

“AlexCF (Brighton, England), who defines himself as a “cryptozoological scientific assemblage artist” is constantly exploring new ways in which he can express his art through various “investigation kits,” retro-scientific instruments, faux-cryptozoological abominations, field notebooks, faux scientific documents, etc. In his latest piece, he creates a fantastic storyline about two German scientists and their surreal discovery of a 6,000 year old cuboid box in the Sahara desert that’s larger inside than it is out.”


(via MAKE)

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