Honouring through photography

I thought this shot of the wall of tools left behind after the death of a father was quite poignant.

Dad’s Wall can be found in the garage at Mum’s house, and it hasn’t changed much since he died 6 months ago. Through the wall I feel as though I can touch him some how – or connect with his memory. Things have to move on and Mum has decided to clean it up and remove some of the ‘clutter’. Good for her. So I decided to photograph it for posterity. It looks like many other walls across the nation, but it has some of dads soul in it. It is not his ‘leitmotif’, but it is his own evolved world: an organic development in terms of his tools, all tied into the warp and weft of the wall – and our lives. It contains the semantics of one particular man, and by way of that, it is a wonderful cultural record.”


Japanese craft