Replacing bags

Although Lowepro just released these “95% Recycled Material” camera bags, remember, the most green thing you can do is keep using your existing one and don’t go replacing it until the bottom comes out of it. Not that I can talk. I’m a bag obsessive.


While we’re on the subject of all things green and ethical, what’s with the 100% Ethical promotion that Starbucks have just started here in the uk? Is that a US thing, too? I’m deeply suspicious of the fact that they’re avoiding the use of any fairtrade logos. 100% Ethical? Ethics are relative. 

On a more positive note, they’re finally renovating the hole that is the Staines branch of Starbucks that sits in our local Sainsbury’s. About time. It’s been hard work, propping myself on the edge of their armchairs, trying to avoid the stains which have been on the cushions for the last 3 or 4 years. Hopefully the replacements will be wipe-clean.


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