7 Abandoned Cities and Places in Asia | WebUrbanist

Another great list from WebUrbanist, this time of 7 abandoned cities and places in Asia. This North Korean hotel particularly caught my attention. The first shot makes it look like the deserts are swallowing it up, but there it sits in the rest of the shots, right in the center of Pyonyang.

“The Ryugyong Hotel in the capital city of Pyongyang, North Korea, was supposed to be a record-setting testament to the power, pride and ingenuity of one of the most totalitarian and self-insulating nations in the world. The building, meant to be a core monument to the strength of North Korea, was added to city maps and stamps before it was even half-built and was all set to be the tallest hotel in the world. At first the project simply ran out of funding, then as the low-quality concrete of which it was built began to sag and crack the sobering reality began to set it: the structure would need a massive overhaul to ever be completed. Now it goes unmentioned by tour guides, absent from maps and stamps, a symbolic blight towering on the capital city skyline.”