Robert Walden – Ontological Roadmaps

Really love these images. I’ve started playing with slightly more abstract pen-and-ink images as the basis for a new set of woodblocks which I should get around to at some point. I feel weird about the abstract, for some reason. Woodblocks tend to be more literal. So I love seeing this kind of semi-abstract work as encouragement, even if they aren’t woodblocks. The use of ink on acrylic definitely gives it a print feel.


“Using ink, pencil and acrylic on paper his city structures move from linearity and order and gradually transform organically into urban sprawls. The cellular nature of these drawings, not surprisingly, also implies biological entities with tendrils, lichen colonies or even tree bark – nature’s little cities. Yet again these kinds of procedural drawings hint at universal pattern formulae generated by loop-based self-organising principles.”


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