SenseCam on the BBC

For those who are lucky enough to have a UK IP address (so you can watch streaming TV from the BBC), the SenseCam (developed in our lab), which allows you to “log your life” by taking stills of what you’re looking at every 30 seconds, is on the BBCs iPlayer as part of a show called James May’s Big Ideas. James is usually seen as one of the three slightly sarcastic presenters of Top Gear. The episode is called Man-Machine. The section that the device is featured in starts at about 46 minutes.

May wears the device for a weekend, then sits down with Professor Alan Smeaton at Dublin’s City University to talk about some software that he’s developing in collaboration with Microsoft Research, which attempts to automatically make sense of all the images that the SenseCam has taken by breaking the stream into “significant events”.

The program is also being aired on Thursday at 7pm on BBC2, for those of you who prefer to sit down in front of a PROPER TV with a nice cup of tea.



Update: As mentioned in the comments, this snippet from the show is now on YouTube: