Thank god for the Lords


Why is it that the unelected half of our parliament, made up of a dubious group of retirees, is consistently able to make sensible, logical and ethical decisions on issues in a way that the elected half doesn’t seem capable of?

Example 1, the House of Lord’s views on the UK’s DNA database. Since it’s focused on criminals, it seems eminently sensible to me innocents should be removed.

Lords demand DNA database deletions

“The House of Lords forced another climb-down by the government yesterday by voting to amend the rules for the DNA database to allow innocent people to have their DNA samples destroyed and removed from the database.”

Example 2,  their views on whether the police should be able to detain UK citizens for long periods of time without due process.

UK House of Lords rejects 42-day detention | Amnesty International

“The House of Lords rejected proposals on Monday that would allow the period of pre-charge detention in terrorism cases to be extended up to 42 days.”

Thank god we have the House of Lords to protect us from ourselves.