Japan Car – Designs for the Crowded Globe

I nipped into the Science Museum on Wednesday, on my way to Boom, the interim student show at the Royal College of Art. I thought I’d quickly try and visit Japan Car. This was conceived and designed by two heroes of mine, Kenya Hara, the design manager for Muji, and Shigeru Ban, the man known best for using cardboard tubes in his architectural design.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed by the whole thing. From the slightly soulless display of admittedly very cute, boxy cars, to the generally corporate feel of the whole thing. It felt like the kind of thing that the British Chamber of Commerce would organize if they were trying to sell our creativity overseas.

Japan Car Design 4Japan Car Design 3Japan Car Design 2Japan Car Design 1

Still, I quite liked the flashy lights across the back of the Toyota iREAL, even if the device itself reminds me of the floating sofas that make for pudgy humans in WALL-E. There’s a full set of “official” images up on flickr, if you’re interested. They look quite cute as a set.


Limbo snowman

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