Good Ideas bake-off

A bit weird this. I did a talk a few weeks ago at an event in London organized by PSFK, the trends/blogging group based in NY. The event was called The Good Ideas Salon.

They haven’t posted video of my talk yet, which is apparently coming. In the meantime, though, they are doing a strange series of votes on the ideas presented at the event.

First they did a vote between four of the ideas I presented, as well as giving general feedback from the blogosphere on my talk (which was basically about Technology Heirlooms):


Now they’re doing a run-off between the “winner” of the first round, the one about saving stories through services (which was actually less an idea than an observation) and three other ideas that came from other speakers and panel sessions.

Feel free to vote if you want. My wife did (I can’t bring myself to – feels like cheating). After she voted she got the tally and it looks like “my idea” (which is not in any way an original one) is in the lead 🙂