Technology Heirlooms video of talk at PSFK’s Good Ideas Salon

PSFK posted the video of the talk I gave recently at their Good Ideas Salon in London. It’s about 30 minutes long and covers some of our thoughts in Cambridge around how people get sentimental about objects, particularly heirlooms, and how that might apply to digital and technological objects in the future.

During the editing they seem to have replaced the Photosynth that I originally used (of a Guitar workshop) with the one from Obama’s inauguration, which changes the context a little (since I was really talking about capturing sentimental spaces).

3 thoughts on “Technology Heirlooms video of talk at PSFK’s Good Ideas Salon”

  1. Hi Richard,

    Really interesting talk, especially interested in the aesthetic of mobile communication devices and how to get people more emotionally involved with products. My MA thesis project this year was inspired by long distance relationships and how participating in crafts could build emotional bonds with people and product.

    You can see my project entitled “Presence in Absence” under the Work/Other headings at my website It would be interesting to hear your comments.



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