London Zoo

We got our money’s worth from London Zoo, even though the day started very wet, and the place is pretty expensive (£18). The live nest of leaf cutter ants working hard; the huge butterflies fluttering around among exotic plants; the birds above and below us as we walked through the Snowdon Aviary at about 30 foot above the ground. Architecturally, it seemed a strange mishmash of 19th century, 50s brutalism and contemporary Scandinavian look, although the real story, as always, is far more complicated than that.

Fabric circuits

Highlight of the DIY for CHI workshop that I attended during the CHI 2009 conference was a little session done by Hannah Perner-Wilson on the design of flexible/fabric circuits. Just finding out about Velostat and Eeontex, two materials she uses heavily in her work, made it worth while. The later is particularly useful for making linear touch sensors.

Hannah’s Instructables (lots of stuff to make and do)

Hannah, and her tilt sensor:

image image