An Introduction to Technology Heirlooms
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I’ve mentioned fleetingly in the past the work we’re doing in Cambridge around Technology Heirlooms. Mostly I’ve pointed to the odd paper or presentation that we’ve published. Thank you if you’ve had the patience to either read or watch what I’ve referenced. I’m going to stretch your patience further though, since I thought it might

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How two industrial design titans are helping brands simplify tech by @DianaBudds via @FastCoDesign
16 hours ago
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I just liked "When Objects Dream" by @ecal_ch on @Vimeo:
20 hours ago
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Some thoughts on Identity from my sister @workingfrocks
4 days ago
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"Digital Data"
8 days ago
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"I Want to Live in This Incredibly Detailed Model of NYC"
11 days ago
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"Stunningly beautiful photos of old timey computers"
12 days ago