A certain family resemblance
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I’ve shot some Christmas family portraits with that same pair of “strange” glasses that I used last year. Does that make it a tradition? Here are the rest of my shots from this year’s holiday, FWIW.

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Lego's New Yellow Submarine Comes With Four Perfect Beatles Minifigs https://t.co/N1Ll1B3o6u
10 days ago
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Watch spiderbots weave a hammock-like web https://t.co/iu6U0hpFtM
11 days ago
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"Oneware: A Student's Award Winning System For One-Handed Cooks" https://t.co/tJtOqRRDtL
15 days ago
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Solo radio reads facial expression, plays music to match your mood. Uses Microsoft's Cognitive Svcs. https://t.co/kZ54mGIQCL @msftresearch
24 days ago
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Great article on Handpose with @davidasweeney. “It eats depth information and it spits out hands”. https://t.co/UkI9krv0AH @MSFTResearch
25 days ago
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"Atmospheric acidity almost back down to preindustrial levels" https://t.co/JpO1WNHjUe #_main #feedly
26 days ago