A certain family resemblance
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I’ve shot some Christmas family portraits with that same pair of “strange” glasses that I used last year. Does that make it a tradition? Here are the rest of my shots from this year’s holiday, FWIW.

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University of Dundee presentation video is up. Microsoft Design Expo https://t.co/mIaaU9IjY1 via @MSFTResearch @SclDgtl @DJCAD
1 day ago
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Well done Team Otto for doing such a great job @Microsoft Design Expo. Proud of you. @DJCAD @SclDgtl @martin_skelly https://t.co/MOwjWXP4Km
13 days ago
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RT @thingameapp: 3 hours since we sent our first app invitations and we've got our 1st Showcase collection! https://t.co/nybW1vEDpN https:/…
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RT @thingameapp: Collection of the Day: 30 Tin Toys. Get collecting, with Thinga.Me. #GetCollecting https://t.co/w7MhCNeT0L https://t.co/CR…
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Finally able to go public with something we've been working on for a while. Please sign up if you're interested. https://t.co/StcjFu4dtZ
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RT @StonetipApps: How J.R.R. #Tolkien Found Mordor on the Western Front https://t.co/dAZDJlMgTO
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