Favourites of 2009
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I’ve added my 2009 Favourite Photos to my collection of Favourites on Flickr. Not a bad year. 42 shots, just like last year, and I’m pretty pleased with the quality and diversity. No night shots, though. I’d like to rectify that this year. I have it down on my list of things to do on

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"Microsoft's Digital Post-It Is Powered By Your Office's Horrible Lighting" https://t.co/YoUrK95cgu
2 days ago
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Lego's New Yellow Submarine Comes With Four Perfect Beatles Minifigs https://t.co/N1Ll1B3o6u
15 days ago
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Watch spiderbots weave a hammock-like web https://t.co/iu6U0hpFtM
16 days ago
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"Oneware: A Student's Award Winning System For One-Handed Cooks" https://t.co/tJtOqRRDtL
20 days ago
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Solo radio reads facial expression, plays music to match your mood. Uses Microsoft's Cognitive Svcs. https://t.co/kZ54mGIQCL @msftresearch
29 days ago
@ rbanks
Great article on Handpose with @davidasweeney. “It eats depth information and it spits out hands”. https://t.co/UkI9krv0AH @MSFTResearch
30 days ago