Sarah’s wedding dresses
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My sister designs wedding dresses for a living from her studio in Egham, just West of London. They’re custom made, and beautifully tailored. Really simple and tasteful. And finally she has the site to show them off! Take a look at Sarah Banks bridal and pass the word on. P.S. She’s also on Twitter and

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University of Dundee presentation video is up. Microsoft Design Expo via @MSFTResearch @SclDgtl @DJCAD
3 days ago
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Well done Team Otto for doing such a great job @Microsoft Design Expo. Proud of you. @DJCAD @SclDgtl @martin_skelly
15 days ago
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RT @thingameapp: 3 hours since we sent our first app invitations and we've got our 1st Showcase collection! https:/…
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RT @thingameapp: Collection of the Day: 30 Tin Toys. Get collecting, with Thinga.Me. #GetCollecting…
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Finally able to go public with something we've been working on for a while. Please sign up if you're interested.
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RT @StonetipApps: How J.R.R. #Tolkien Found Mordor on the Western Front
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