Maddie learns to ride

Maddie took off on her bicycle this week. She used a balance bike for quite a few months, to the point where she could coast along on it for a long way with her feet off the ground. Then two goes on her new bike, without stabilizers, and she told me to “let go” and off she went.

5 thoughts on “Maddie learns to ride”

  1. wow! she is doing great. maybe it’s easier with all her practice on the scooter. we should try to get her a bike to ride during the family renuion in June. we miss maddie (and you guys).

  2. The balance bike really helped. Be great to hire her something when we’re over. She’d love it. Can’t wait to see you all.

  3. Unfortunately, Adobe Reader could not open this, so I will just imagine seeing you ride, as I was fortunate enough to see you practice riding your bike on your own driveway, during our visit in March.

    As I told your mother, on the phone, I am very proud of this accomplishment. Congratulation, Maddie!

    Love always,

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