Technology Heirloom videos
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I’ve posted a couple of videos of the Digital Slide Viewer and the Backup Box prototypes that are described in my earlier entry entitled Some Technology Heirlooms. I hope to make one for Timecard as soon as we get them back from out “volunteers”. [UPDATE 9th Dec. 2010 – Just added the Timecard video] Digital

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Design Expo 2010 Videos
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Videos have just been posted for the six student presentations from this year’s Microsoft Design Expo. This is an international competition we’ve run for a decade, inviting various design colleges to do projects to a brief that we set. They pick their best student team and send them to Redmond to present their work at

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Great article on Handpose with @davidasweeney. “It eats depth information and it spits out hands”. @MSFTResearch
8 hours ago
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"Atmospheric acidity almost back down to preindustrial levels" #_main #feedly
2 days ago
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"Watch This Dancer Magically Float Around an iPhone" #_main #feedly
8 days ago
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Bjarke Ingels Group Turned Its Website Into An Arcade Game You Can Actually Play
10 days ago
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RT @jenstirrup: My favourite Tech Leaders news: - top stories by @herkyjerky, @benbendc, @rbanks
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xkcd: Earth Temperature Timeline
15 days ago