A few of my favourite repurposing projects
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I mentioned in my post on Technology Heirlooms from a long time ago that at some point I was going to start drilling down on specific topics in the project in order to describe them in more detail. Like many ideas promised online, this is another one that hasn’t quite come to pass as intended.

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@ rbanks
Lego's New Yellow Submarine Comes With Four Perfect Beatles Minifigs https://t.co/N1Ll1B3o6u
12 days ago
@ rbanks
Watch spiderbots weave a hammock-like web https://t.co/iu6U0hpFtM
13 days ago
@ rbanks
"Oneware: A Student's Award Winning System For One-Handed Cooks" https://t.co/tJtOqRRDtL
17 days ago
@ rbanks
Solo radio reads facial expression, plays music to match your mood. Uses Microsoft's Cognitive Svcs. https://t.co/kZ54mGIQCL @msftresearch
26 days ago
@ rbanks
Great article on Handpose with @davidasweeney. “It eats depth information and it spits out hands”. https://t.co/UkI9krv0AH @MSFTResearch
27 days ago
@ rbanks
"Atmospheric acidity almost back down to preindustrial levels" https://t.co/JpO1WNHjUe #_main #feedly
28 days ago