A few of my favourite repurposing projects
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I mentioned in my post on Technology Heirlooms from a long time ago that at some point I was going to start drilling down on specific topics in the project in order to describe them in more detail. Like many ideas promised online, this is another one that hasn’t quite come to pass as intended.

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Some thoughts on Identity from my sister https://t.co/CyZMwx44WG @workingfrocks
2 days ago
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"Digital Data" https://t.co/bWbO0H6nts
6 days ago
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"I Want to Live in This Incredibly Detailed Model of NYC" https://t.co/sqkOBRyL9H
9 days ago
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"Stunningly beautiful photos of old timey computers" https://t.co/Jvi5LRjlOa
10 days ago
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"Connecting For Happiness" https://t.co/F4xYwbcaSe
11 days ago
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"Machine Quarantines and “Persistent Drones”" https://t.co/rOdaUGRPY5
12 days ago