A few of my favourite repurposing projects
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I mentioned in my post on Technology Heirlooms from a long time ago that at some point I was going to start drilling down on specific topics in the project in order to describe them in more detail. Like many ideas promised online, this is another one that hasn’t quite come to pass as intended.

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“Designing Typography Insight for HoloLens” by @cre8ivepark https://t.co/JgOg87cF4f
13 hours ago
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xkcd: Nightmare Email Feature https://t.co/5w4qA55wyI
3 days ago
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Watch This Incredibly Talented Artist Create a Self-Portrait While Painting Backwards https://t.co/lD6RvAjV8C
5 days ago
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This Robot Swarm Finishes Your Grocery Shopping In Minutes https://t.co/uABnAk9p9a
6 days ago
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These photos of insects look like alien robots https://t.co/XSskAkYVM5
7 days ago
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You Won't Believe the Insane Detail In These Incredible Movie Maps https://t.co/uH29Ht4bl3
12 days ago