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Here are my shots from our recent, very excellent, trip to Monaco. Highlights included jogging around the F1 loop, watching fireworks through the open ceiling at the Monaco Sporting Club, touring the roads towards Italy in a red Fiat C500 and hiking up to Roquebrune. Amazing. All thanks to Shannon’s bit of award winning.

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Lego's New Yellow Submarine Comes With Four Perfect Beatles Minifigs
10 days ago
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Watch spiderbots weave a hammock-like web
11 days ago
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"Oneware: A Student's Award Winning System For One-Handed Cooks"
15 days ago
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Solo radio reads facial expression, plays music to match your mood. Uses Microsoft's Cognitive Svcs. @msftresearch
24 days ago
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Great article on Handpose with @davidasweeney. “It eats depth information and it spits out hands”. @MSFTResearch
25 days ago
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"Atmospheric acidity almost back down to preindustrial levels" #_main #feedly
26 days ago