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Here are my shots from our recent, very excellent, trip to Monaco. Highlights included jogging around the F1 loop, watching fireworks through the open ceiling at the Monaco Sporting Club, touring the roads towards Italy in a red Fiat C500 and hiking up to Roquebrune. Amazing. All thanks to Shannon’s bit of award winning.

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"Tiny lego typewriter"
14 hours ago
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RT @ShannonB: Thx @rbanks for fwd - I agree! Brainstorming questions sparks creativity: by Warren Berger via @FastC…
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"3D photos from 1850s Japan"
6 days ago
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Yesterday's Future: Visionary Designs by Future Systems and Archigram via @archdaily
9 days ago
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RT @ChrisBishopMSFT: Great to be invited to @CNBC this morning to discuss the influence of #AI on all aspects of our lives…
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"Frodo's trip to Mordor as a Google Map"
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