Timecard Video

As promised a while ago, when I posted the videos of the Backup Box and Digital Slide Viewer, I’ve finally put together something that shows the Timecard device (see video below). This is a timeline viewer, meant to represent someone’s life, that we imagine might be the digital equivalent of a photo album or baby book. We’d like to think that it might become a precious object for a family, forming a new class of digital heirloom.

More explanation of these devices (including Timecard) here and of our ideas behind Technology Heirlooms here.

Timecard from Richard Banks on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Timecard Video”

  1. Hi richard

    I work on a radio news breakfast show for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation – would like to interview you re: timeline viewer.

    Do you have ten minutes for a quick phone interview?

    9:30pm your time anytime this week would be great

    my email is benton.ali@abc.net.au



  2. Hello,

    Myself and my research collaborator are currently undertaking a research project based around the material culture and material memories of a group of British expatriates who lived and worked in Nigeria during the 50’s-70’s. Having heard you speak about your timecard device on radio 4’s all in the mind we would be very interested in interviewing you or visiting you if that is at all possible, as your research is very relevant to ours in that we are seeking various means of collecting, collating and presenting the material memories of this ageing group of expats.

    My e-mail address is: stuartdavies1987@hotmail.com

    Hope to hear from you.


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