Portrait a Day

I’ve started trying to draw a portrait a day. This is inspired partially by friends who’ve taken one photo, or even a self-portrait, every day with their cameras for a whole year. I’m hoping to do the same, but with an emphasis on allowing it to try and improve my drawing skills rather than my photography.

At the moment I’m on day 53, with no breaks. I’ve filled one Moleskine sketching notebook already. Who knows if I’ll make it to 365 pictures (or 7 sketchbooks). I’m enjoying trying, though.

I’m posting my favourites to Flickr, some of which are below.

#22. 20th November 2010. Saturday. Home.#34. 2nd December 2010. Thursday. Home.#47. 15th December 2010. Wednesday. Home.#48. 16th December 2010. Thursday. Home.#53. 21st December 2010. Tuesday. Home.

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