I read a lot of magazines about design, architecture, gaming and so on. I’m constantly ripping pages our of them if I see something that I think is interesting, or just visually compelling. These often end up pasted into my sketchbook. I’m very behind with this process. Here’s a shot of my current stash of unpasted images. I carry these around with me in a ziploc bag, waiting for a moment to pick a few that seem relevant to what I’m working on in order to have an excuse to stick them in with my notes and sketches.

Cutouts by rbanks.

Favorites of 2010

A new year, so time to go through the 4,400 shots I’ve taken this year to pick out my favorites. I was surprised to see that this is the 7th year I’ve done this. 44 images this year, which is pretty much in line with last year’s 42 images + 1 video. It’s a totally random process. I’ve felt a little flat about how focused I’ve been on this activity, despite the new camera I mentioned (and still love) last year. So I’m happy to find that I like the results. Lots more people than normal, and a few shots that are a little more “snappy” than I’d like, but I’m quite pleased.


Here’s the slideshow…