Nicholas Felton’s father

I’m a big fan of Nicholas Felton’s personal annual report (the Feltron Report), which he has published since 2005. In each one he teases out all kinds of statistics about his life, presenting them as a pseudo-business report, beautifully laid out and supported by infographics. I’ve cited them in talks in the past as an extreme example of the act of recording data about oneself (an activity entitled personal informatics).

Last year was a bit of a departure for him. Not only was the report printed using letterpress, it was also based on data from and about his friends. This departure from focussing exclusively on himself has continued this year. The 2010 report is based on data that he had or knew about his father, who died in September. Clearly very personal and thought provoking, and very related to notions of Technology Heirlooms.


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