Our magazine is out
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A lot of the written material that we produce in the research team that I’m a part of is directed very much at an academic audience. Through conferences like CHI and CSCW we build on the research work of others and find out about new efforts going on in our domain of human-computer interaction. That’s

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A little bit of type
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By some happy accident, I was lucky enough to have a shot of my Heart Type letterpress effort included in Barbara Brownie’s beautiful new book, Type Image. The volume pulls together hundreds of examples of contemporary uses of type, used to create portraits, objects, to fill the environment and so on. Well worth a look.

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We got ourselves a design award!
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It’s not common for a team at Microsoft Research, a division involved in the academic exploration of all things computer science-like, to have much of a connection to the discipline of design. There are quite a few teams in addition to mine that have designers in them, though, and who take design practice seriously as

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How two industrial design titans are helping brands simplify tech https://t.co/biWulSAnUj by @DianaBudds via @FastCoDesign
14 hours ago
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I just liked "When Objects Dream" by @ecal_ch on @Vimeo: https://t.co/FEWoH6MXeq
18 hours ago
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Some thoughts on Identity from my sister https://t.co/CyZMwx44WG @workingfrocks
4 days ago
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"Digital Data" https://t.co/bWbO0H6nts
8 days ago
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"I Want to Live in This Incredibly Detailed Model of NYC" https://t.co/sqkOBRyL9H
11 days ago
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"Stunningly beautiful photos of old timey computers" https://t.co/Jvi5LRjlOa
12 days ago