The future of looking back – now in paperback.
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I’m really delighted to be able to announce that I’ve written a book, entitled The future of looking back and published by Microsoft Press, which deals with the topic of digital legacy, technology heirlooms and other themes close to my heart. It covers a lot of the work that we’ve been doing in Cambridge around

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Reflections on possession
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I really enjoyed the turn of phrase and subtlety embodied in this article on Technology Review by Simson L. Garfinkel on the gains and loss in the shift of our possessions from physical things to digital. While it has the same luddite sense as my own work – that maybe this is only an issue

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"Atmospheric acidity almost back down to preindustrial levels" #_main #feedly
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"Watch This Dancer Magically Float Around an iPhone" #_main #feedly
7 days ago
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Bjarke Ingels Group Turned Its Website Into An Arcade Game You Can Actually Play
10 days ago
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RT @jenstirrup: My favourite Tech Leaders news: - top stories by @herkyjerky, @benbendc, @rbanks
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xkcd: Earth Temperature Timeline
14 days ago
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The Ramsophone
16 days ago